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is the philosophy and driving force behind our successful "hands on" approach to management. For more than 30 years, the founders of our company have been leaders in the field of Condominium Development and Asset Management. We have led the industry in developing and evolving a management process that benefits both the developer and homeowners.

As leaders we recognize that just like the homeowners themselves, every community has a unique personality. Through a combination of best practices and personal service, we bring the developer, the homeowners, and all others involved in the community together in a productive and compatible relationship allowing for the successful fruition of common goals.

The ongoing success and vitality of any community starts at the property's inception. As a developer, the decision you make early on in selecting a management company can positively influence the success of your project. We pride ourselves in becoming your business partner and working with you to develop and grow your asset. As a homeowner controlled Board; it is paramount that the management company becomes your team member, providing you with professional direction and enabling the Board to always take proactive actions to increase the homeowner experience and property values. We do this by always remembering “The Board is the decision maker and Condominium Concepts Management is the facilitator”.

Mission Statement

It is our commitment to every Homeowner, Board of Director, Investor, Developer, and Client, to provide exemplary customer service, consistent and accurate reporting, continual loyalty and trustworthiness, timely response and follow through. To become an integral part of the "Community Team", enhancing their lifestyle experiences and together working towards the increasing of property Values. We do this through constant open communication, proactive management, dedication and professional commitment in all that we do.