We are here to assist your board in not only managing the day-to-day aspects of the association, but most importantly, to protect the longevity and enhance the future value of your home.  As there is no one-size fits all for a successful community, we take the time to understand every community's needs and customize a plan for success for each association.

Our more than 300 professional associates are the best in the industry and work diligently to be proactive liaisons between your association and its members.  We provide a total support system for your Board of Directors through our "best practices" approach.  This includes management, accounting, fiscal responsibility, routine & preventative maintenance, a strong collection process - resulting in reduced delinquencies, and superior customer service.

Here are just a few of the many all-inclusive services we provide:

  • 24/7/365 emergency response
  • Ensure the highest level of service at the most competitive pricing.
  • Maintain all Association records.
  • Ensure compliance with all Local/State/Federal regulations.
  • Negotiations of all contracts; including, insurance, contractor services and appropriate certifications/licenses (Board always selects the vendor).
  • Preparation and implementation of operating and reserve budgets.
  • Schedule, attend & conduct monthly/annual/special meetings.
  • Weekly inspections, identifying covenant violations, checking performance of contractors & coordination of all maintenance issues.
  • Issue and follow up on all violation notices.
  • Act as a liaison in communication between the Board and the homeowners.
  • Prepare monthly financial statements; including general ledger, income statement, and balance sheet in addition to detailed budget vs. actual for income and expenses.
  • Manage collection of delinquent accounts in-house for up to 90 days past due, coordinate with a collection attorney when accounts are beyond 90 days and provide updates to the Board on the legal process once turned over to the collection attorney.
  • Implement strategic planning for future projects.
  • Develop a cohesive team consisting of board members, management staff and homeowners all working together toward common goals.

Our associates stand ready to not merely manage what you already have, but to enhance and increase the value of your community, your home, and its association while offering the most innovative services to our owners.