Meeting market demands means meeting the needs of our investors/developers/homeowners, we find ourselves coming full circle.  Our leadership provides 30+ years of multi family management experience and utilizing that experience to become the most preeminent condominium management firm in the southeast.  Due to the downward movement of the current housing market, it is inevitable that we would find ourselves managing "For Rent Product".  Many new construction and fractured condominium projects are holding inventory for leasing until the market rebounds.

Additionally, as associations struggle financially, many Boards are aggressively working with homeowners allowing them to lease their unit in an attempt to keep it out of foreclosure.  It is common for the managing agent to provide "Rental Pool" management services, whereby the same staff that is managing the Association may spend a portion of their time leasing and managing the collections and maintenance of the rental units allowing for cost savings for both the units within the rental pools as well as the Association.  It is a win-win for both parties.

In an effort to provide our investors/developers/homeowners with the services which are beneficial to their current needs we are offering our package services which include Association Management, Fractured Condominium Supervision and Rental Pool Management to include leasing currently identified inventory.

Our teams have successfully implemented programs which have enabled us to lease up a large number of vacant units, generate income, qualifying rental occupants; all the while maintaining the best interest of the condominium association.

Our accounting department has developed procedures which allow us to operate these various activities on a single entity.  Ensuring that all reporting is timely and accurate meeting all statement regulations as well as condominium document requirements.  In addition, our procedures ensure that owner occupied units are never saddled with expenses that should be the sole responsibility of an investor owned unit with a renter.

Currently Condominium Concepts Management, Inc. is managing a number of such communities, all of whom have occupancy's of 98% or higher, and, whose associations are now cash flow solvent and financially stable.