With humble beginnings in the Atlanta multi-family arena, and having the opportunity to work with a number of clients who ventured from multi-family development into condominium development, it seemed only natural that we would return to our beginnings.

As many of our clients likewise returned to the multi-family stage, exiting condominium development; we received a number of requests to provide multi-family management services.

Having become accustomed to our "hands on" management philosophy, timely responsiveness, and our uncanny ability to assess a market/asset, placing the right personnel, and working diligently to exceed projections and client expectations; they were confident we are the right choice.

Therefore to meet our clients' needs, we created a division to focus on Multi-Family (Apartment) Services. Our executive team searched the market in an effort to identify and hire the most highly trained professionals who possessed the industry knowledge, unquenchable drive, and proven success so that they could meet and exceed the needs of our clients.

There is an extraordinary amount of crossover expertise between conventional apartment management and condominium management; as well as conversions and reversions. Our highly trained professionals have successfully developed a management program which has allowed us to merge the two and utilizes our multi-family management experience of "hands-on" asset management, excellent customer service, and innovative lifestyle services, which has resulted in achieving the highest market rents possible; beating lease up projections by as much as 6months and simply outperforming our competitors. We strive to offer great services and end results to our clients and to build long-term relationships with them – enabling us both to grow and prosper and to change with the market.