Budget Preparation and Consulting:

Self-managed Associations:  We offer a budget review and/or preparation service to assist those Associations and Boards who do not have a management company or staffs with industry knowledge.  Our team of experts will review your financial statement and prepare a budget within the guidelines established by the Board.  This is a great tool for using our expertise to reduce expenses and receive the highest level of service at the most competitive pricing.

New Developments/Conversions/Fractured Condos:  Our teams will work hand-in-hand to assess a community and the needs they will have for the upcoming year.  We have successfully prepared over 800 accurate operating budgets in five states; ensuring each is compliant with state regulations, financially sound for the Association, and at a level that will not impede sales activity.

Due Diligence Services:

We have performed a multitude of due diligence inspections for developers, builders, investment groups and financial institutions.  Our extensive procedures and comprehensive reporting packages ensure that our clients have a complete picture of the assets they are investigating.  As part of this process our team of management professionals will review each and every file; auditing them for accuracy and comparing them to computer/management reports.  A team of maintenance professionals will walk each vacant unit, providing a unit-by-unit analysis of the conditions and cost of repairs.  Both staffs will walk the common areas; preparing a list of deferred or capital improvements. We can add additional services to our scope upon request.

Feasibility Studies:

In today's volatile market it is important to know what your exit strategy is.  Our professionals can perform a feasibility study assisting you in these tough decisions.  Whether it is converting an apartment or hotel building to condominiums for sale product or reverting a fractured condominium project to multi-family for rent; we have the capabilities to provide detailed insight into each market, resulting in detailed reporting to assist in the decision making process.

General Consulting Services:

We offer a number of services allowing us to assist our client in every aspect of the real estate management industry.  The following list is a representation of those services.

  •  Design and Development
  •  Renovations
  •  Floor Plan Layout
  •  Common Area Design
  •  Fire/Life/Safety Design
  •  Cost Savings
  •  Condominium Document Review
  •  Bidding Process
  •  Development of Community Policy and Procedures     
  •  Development of Rules and Regulations                             

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