Certified Maintenance Professionals

Specializing in preventative and proactive service

John Ellis
Quality Assurance Manager 

John joined the organization in March 2011 after about 8 years in the construction and facilities maintenance fields.

John got his start as a construction worker building houses and doing remodeling while in high school.  This experience allowed him to move on to larger projects and being assigned to crews responsible for building hotels and putting in municipal water lines.  17 years ago John moved into the maintenance filed working on buildings to include; section 8 townhomes, apartment communities, and luxury Mid & High-rise buildings.

In his role as the Regional Service Director; John provided support to maintenance employees, oversees all employee safety training, as well as conducting periodic training for maintenance staff.  John also ensures that all employees have been trained on Occupational, Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requirements and that is in compliance with OSHA.